MOTORAZR2 V8 on T-Mobile now

T-Mobile today released their version of Motorola's latest jack, the MOTORAZR2 V8. if you want to know the big difference between this model and the ones that everyone else got, it's a slight bit of software customization and then the lack of any storage expansion slot, but in trade, it does come with 2GB of storage built in.

After the release of the iPhone, in fact after just about any phone released since a few months ago, releasing the RAZR2 with it's only impressive feature being a high res external screen with a touch-sensitive portion at the bottom, that's just unacceptable. Especially at a price point of $249 after a 2 year contract, that's just crazy.

Sure, it has a GSM/EDGE quad band radio, a high resolution screen on the inside too, and the whole MOTOMAGX thing, but that's just not enough to make up for gap between feature set and price. T-Mobile, possibly in a move to help close that gap, is giving away a few free songs with the phone as well as a free 30-Day Napster trial, and the phone of course supports the whole myFaves thing too.

T-Mobile's MOTORAZR2 V8 gets officialized [via boygeniusreport]