Motobus in South East Asia

Kevin Lee - Apr 9, 2006
Motorola launched unique campaign “HelloMoto Tour” to reach out to the emerging areas through its “Connect the unconnected” programme in its South-East Asian Region.The HelloMoto Tour takes roadshow to the extreme with a MotoBus. Accompanying the MotoBus will be a MotoTruck and two MotoMpvs. The MotoVehicles will function as a complete sales service kiosk offering ring tones and wallpaper downloads including a variety of fun-filled entertainment and activities to entertain consumers at visiting towns, as part of the programme outreach. Consumers will be able to view, feel and experience the latest range of high end and affordable Motorola products on the MotoBus especially the C-series products such as C113, C261 and C168 phones, among others.

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