Moto G6 Plus benchmark confirms core specs

A lot of attention is given to smartphones on the premium end of the spectrum, but those often represent just a small portion of what consumers can afford. Many will prefer to buy cheaper but serviceable phones, especially those that come from reputable brands. One such example is Motorola's G series, whose sixth generation has yet to be announced. Continuing to whet fans' appetites, the third G6 model, the Moto G6 Plus, has just appeared on Geekbench, showing off just how powerful it is despite its expected price tag.

Thanks to advancements in technology as well as improvements in economics, mid-range phones have narrowed the gap between them and high-end premium models. Of course, a large gap still exists but, for most users, the compromise between battery life and performance is just fine.

Not that the Moto G6 Plus is a slouch. On Geekbench, it gets a single-core score of 866 and a multi-core grade of 4123. That's thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630, sadly not the 660, running the show. There's also 4 GB of RAM, which, until recently, is still the max amount of memory the likes of Samsung are sporting.

Not indicated but expected, the Moto G6 Plus will have a 5.93-inch Full HD+ 18:9 screen, probably no notch, on its front and dual cameras on its back. It will be joined by the Moto G6 and the Moto G6 and Moto G6 Play when Motorola announces its 2018 roster this week.

VIA: Mobielkopen