Moto G10 "nio" reveals its face in latest leak

Presuming Motorola isn't just giving its fans and industry watchers a red herring, one of its 2021 Moto G models could be its most interesting in recent times. Although it still left some room for doubt and speculation, the company's president teased that the Moto G would soon welcome the first of its kind to offer a "Snapdragon 800-series experience". This phone, codenamed "nio", is shaping up to be a true Motorola flagship and one of the first photos of the phone just added another piece to the puzzle.

To be honest, the image shared by evleaks isn't all that groundbreaking. It is pretty much the same design used by the Motorola One 5G that was announced in late August, with the dual punch-hole cutouts for front cameras. Granted, the bezels look relatively slimmer but that may not reflect the final product.

What will make the Moto G "nio" interesting, however, is what's inside. Whether or not it uses the new Snapdragon 888 or use the 2020 Snapdragon 865 only will still be a step up for Motorola, especially for the Moto G family. It may have disappointing specs compared to early 2021 flagships though, but that's pretty much how Motorola has been rolling lately anyway.

And then there's Motorola's teaser of different user interfaces that the phone might support, perhaps depending on what it's connected to. There's a smart TV UI and even a desktop mode that Motorola actually pioneered during the height of its prominence in the smartphone market.

That said, there are still some lingering doubts about what Motorola actually meant during Qualcomm's Snapdragon event. The Snapdragon 700-series has definitely stepped up to 800-series experiences and Motorola could have actually meant that instead. Unfortunately, we won't know until early 2021 or at least until more leaks fall into place.