Moto G surfaces on Motorola website, disappears soon after

Every now and again, the leaks and rumors move aside as something more solid appears, usually when a retailer pulls the trigger a bit too early. This time around, it was Motorola that tripped up, with the Moto G making a brief appearance on its website today next to the Moto X before being pulled. Though there wasn't any data with the listing, it did lend some tidbits of info.

The discovery was made by the folks at DroidLife, and they managed to grab a screenshot of the listing before Motorola pulled it, which you can see above. The link wasn't clickable, it would seem, but the fact that it was listed next to the Moto X suggests that we're looking at an entirely different device rather than a Moto X variation with lower specifications, which is what some anticipate.

Some have speculated that the Moto G could be an accessory, but as you can see in the screenshot, there is a separate link specifically for accessories, and as such it wouldn't make much sense for the Moto G to have its own slot on the headline. Whether the positioning itself of the device name is suggestive of its nature isn't known — being first in line could simply mean it is the newest handset that will surface.

The listing popping up hints that Motorola is doing some work behind the scene, and so it is reasonable to think we'll be hearing something official about the phone in the relatively near future. Previous leaks have suggested this will be Motorola's 2014 flagship. Until we know more, check out the timeline below for our past coverage of the device.

VIA: Android Community