Most disgusting billboard ever to be created in Dallas using thousands of live roaches

Terminix and its Ad agency in Dallas, Texas are creating what may be the most disgusting billboard in history today. The billboard is being erected to warn people of the germs and infections diseases that pests can carry inside their homes and in their yards.

The sign will be created at the Mockingbird DART rail station at 5465 E Mockingbird Lane. The gross part of the billboard is that it will be created using thousands of live cockroaches. The roaches will be put inside some sort of container to form the letter "E". The letter is to symbolize the E. coli strain that roaches can carry.

The billboard is being created by Publicis Dallas and construction will start at 1pm today and will be finished by 6pm. I wonder how they will remove the dead roaches after the display is over. I would hate to have that job.