Most awesome Battlefield 3 simulator ever in history

If I were rich, this is the system I would buy to play Battlefield 3 on. This thing has some of the most intense and realistic playing action I have ever seen. The player stands in a room with a dome wrap around screen surrounding them. The system has five HD resolution projectors, surround sound, and a freaking paintball gun inside.

The lucky geeks at The Gadget Show in Britain got a chance to play a game on the thing. The player stands in the center of that room and walks around on an omni-directional treadmill so they stay in the center of the room. Whatever direction the player walks, that is where the character moves on screen. The gun the player holds fires the on screen bullets.

The enemies on screen can also fight back and when you get shot, you actually get shot with a paintball gun. That way you can feel the pain when you get hit. Talk about cool. I want to play, but I prefer to skip the being shot with a paintball gun part.

[via Kotaku]