Moshi Reflection clock lands as a Brookstone exclusive

Moshi makes some really cool alarm clocks. The coolest thing about them is that they have voice recognition tech inside that allows you to manage and control all of the clock functions using your voice. That means rather than pressing buttons repeatedly to turn alarms on and off or set time you can just tell the clock what time it is.

Moshi has rolled out a new alarm clock with its voice recognition tech inside called the Moshi Reflection Clock. The clock can give you the temperature inside and outside and it has dual alarms. Your voice can set the time, alarms, and snooze. These clocks are perfect for people that have vision issues that make working normal clocks difficult.

The clock can be used as a nightlight too with six colors to choose from and it gets power from three AAA batteries. An external wireless sensor allows the clock to give the outside temperature. The clock is available right now at Brookstone for $59.95.