Mortal Kombat X suffers a fatality on Xbox 360, PS3

If you own one of two, or even both, previous gen consoles, don't expect to be treated to the brutal celebration of blood and gore that is Mortal Kombat X. On Warner Bros. Games' forums, yes, the same Warner Bros' whose PC port of Batman Akrham Knight has still to see a proper fix, the publisher made it official. Mortal Kombat X won't be coming anymore to the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. This time, it's precisely because of quality control that they're canceling the port and issuing refunds.

To be fair, this is something that was somewhat handled better than the Batman fiasco. Then again, the last gen port of the game was never meant to launch at the same time in the first place anyway, giving developers NetherRealm and Warner Bros time to make sure they did things right. After all, they wouldn't want to mar the reputation of a highly successful and popular title.

The post doesn't go into details, but the bottom line is that the developers were convinced they couldn't pull off the same level of quality of the PS4 and Xbox One versions on the previous generation of consoles. That's not really hard to understand. The hardware, for one, is quite different so the capabilities are different. It would have taken a miracle, an engineering feat, a programming genius, or all of the above to pull it off.

Cutting their losses, Warner Bros. just decided to cancel the port while there's still time to do so. The game has only been promised and put on pre-order so far. Refunds are being made available to those who got really excited and went ahead with their payment anyway. It's definitely a sad day for Mortal Kombat fans on Xbox 360s and PS3s, but they should think ti could have always been worse. They could be on a PC with a launched port that they would wish had never been released.