More Myopic Digital Photo Frames

Another day, another dollar set of somewhat pointless digital photo frames. This time it's NuVue trying to persuade you to spend the best part of $190 on a 5.62" LCD screen in a transparent bezel with and CF/SD/MMC/MS memory card slots, or, should you have $357 to spare, a bigger, 7" screen and MPEG 1, 2 & 4 movie support. Both come with auto-resizing, 16 digital transitions between frames and adjustable display interval. Yawn!

Seriously, after the first few times ("crap, the sister is coming round, stick the nephew's christening photos in the digiframe!"), how often is anybody going to use these things? It's just about all I can do to get my family to plug in the camera and transfer their photos to the computer, never mind upload them to Flickr where someone else could actually see them. Until these digital frames come with WiFi as standard, they really aren't worth the money; for $357 you could easily pick up an old laptop on eBay and make your own frame with a far bigger screen, wireless, and then remotely update the pictures on it via any number of online album plugins.

NuVue Digital Photo Frames [via Coolest Gadgets]