More Bad PS3 News: GPU Clock Speeds Cut

Benjamin Nied - Aug 29, 2006

In yet another round of bad news for Sony and hopefuly PlayStation 3 owners everywhere, Sony has had to hack away at one of the upcoming console’s key features; the GPU clock speeds. NVIDIA’s RSX graphics processor, which was originally set to run at 550 MHz (for the processor) and 700 MHz (for the memory), has seen its speed cut down to 500/650, representing an 8% drop in the GPU’s overall speed. While, at first glance, this drop seems negligible, it’s just one more thing bringing down the power of Sony’s new “super” console.

When the PS3 was first announced, Sony bragged about how much raw horsepower the machine would be capable of. However, with the graphics processor now running at lower-than-expected frequencies and developers complaining about how difficult and expensive PS3 programming can be, it’s looking like the new PlayStation might not have the colossal lead over the Xbox 360 that many are expecting. If the games and the hardware don’t impress, people are going to balk at paying up to $200 extra just for high-definition DVDs. (Yes, I know the Xbox 360 has its own HD-DVD addon for $200, but it is possible to buy an Xbox 360 without it) Sony, here’s to hoping that the TGS game show goes better than these last few months have.

[via The Inquirer]

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