Mophie offers new juice pack air for iPod touch

Mophie makes all sorts of gear that is designed to give your Apple gadgets longer run time. We have reviewed the mophie juice pack air for the iPhone 3G/3GS before and really liked it. Mophie has announced today a new version of the juice pack air for the iPod touch.

The new case is much like the iPhone version offering a rechargeable battery inside the case with a wrap around design to protect the touch from drops and scratches. It features pass through USB to charge the touch and the air's own battery at the same time.

The device also has a four light LED battery status indicator to show how much power is in the battery. Mophie claims that the device will give the iPod touch twice as much runtime with up to 30 more hours of audio and up to seven more hours of video. it is available to purchase now for $79.95.