Moov Now fitness wearable debuts from ex-Apple alum

Fitness wearables are very popular with all sorts of them on the market from smartwatches like the Apple Watch to simpler devices like the Fitbit. A new fitness wearable has debuted from an ex-Apple alumni called the Moov Now. The device bills itself as the most advanced AI powered wearable that is able to analyze movement in real-time and coach the wearer to better performance.

The Moov Now can offer actionable insight into each workout to track activity and make you perform better. Metrics that the device can record include steps, calories, and sleep statistics. When worn to run, the Moov Now will tell you when to land softer, shorten your stride, or pick up the pace.

The internal battery promises six months of use and the Moov Now can integrate with third party heart rate monitors. Moov is available in black, white, blue, and red colors. It has social functions that allow you to share workouts with friends and others via social networks. It can track all activity through the day and monitor your activity level even when not working out.

Moov Now supports running, walking, swimming, cycling, cardio boxing, and more. It also has seven-minute workouts it can walk users through. Moov Now can be purchased for $59.99 for a limited time during launch and normal price is $99. Pre-orders are underway now with shipping in the fall of 2015.