Monster teams with Vivienne Tam for Butterfly in-ear speakers

Monster has been teaming with major recording artists for a while now to produce high-end headphones and earphones for music phones and MP3 players. The most recent Monster offering was the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED edition. Monster has announced a new set of in-ear earphones, or in-ear speakers as the company calls them, designed by Vivienne Tam.

The earphones are called the Butterfly by Vivienne Tam and are gold in color with a butterfly on the earpiece. The housing of the Butterfly is all-metal and they ship with multiple ear tips for a comfortable fit. The earphones also include the Monster ControlTalk cable that lets music phone users control their track and volume and place calls while wearing the headset.

The headphones also have a cable slider and a clip to help keep the weight of the cable off the user's ears. As you expect from monster, the Butterfly earphones are far from cheap with a MSRP of $199.99. The headphones aren't shipping just yet and Monster offers no specific ship date at this time.