Monster launches limited-edition iSport USA in ear headphones for athletes

If you're an athlete or a very active person who likes to have music wherever you go, and you want to sport your patriotic side of, Monster has a new set of limited-edition earphones for you. The new earphones are available just in time to celebrate the Olympics and rock a USA theme with red white and blue accents. The headphones are called the iSport USA.

These headphones have a silver body with a blue trim ring around the earpiece sporting white stars. The air tip cushions and a small section of your earphone body are red. USA is stenciled on each side in white. These earphones are for active users and have ear hooks. Monster calls the special athlete inspired ear tips OMNITIP.

The special limited-edition headphones will only be produced for one month. They will sell at an MSRP of $149.95. Monster promises that you can run, exercise, and do just about anything you want wearing these earphones, and they won't slip and fall out of your ears. They're also sweatproof and washable.