Monster Hunter: World's Street Fighter crossover is now underway

Capcom has been running a number of different promotions for early adopters of Monster Hunter: World, but unfortunately, the first big one – which grants players armor and weapons from Hoirzon Zero Dawn – is only available to PlayStation 4 players. Capcom is ready to launch a Street Fighter V tie-in with Monster Hunter: World, and the good news is that eventually this will be available to everyone playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The bad news (for Xbox One players at any rate) is that it's rolling out to PS4 owners first.

If you've been following Monster Hunter: World, you've likely already heard of this crossover in some capacity. In essence, participating in this event will unlock armor sets that make your in-game character look like Ryu or Sakura from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Today we're seeing the first phase of that event kick off.

Over on the official Monster Hunter: World website, Capcom explains that PS4 players who have Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition save data on their hard drives can now accept the quest that will unlock Ryu's armor. The quest is called "Down the Dark, Muddy Path," and compared to the incoming Horizon Zero Dawn quest that requires you to hunt a giant Anjantha, this one sounds quite a bit more tame.

In order to accept Down the Dark, Muddy Path, you'll only need to be rank HR 3 or higher, and the quest only involves slaying a Barroth in the area. Once you do that, you'll be rewarded with the items required to craft the Ryu armor. If you so choose you can also download free DLC that unlocks new guild card backgrounds and titles, along with paid DLC that unlocks Street Fighter-themed gestures like "Hadouken" and "Shoryuken."

This first phase of the Street Fighter V crossover is launching in early access on PS4. At the moment, we're not sure when it will be available to those who don't have Street Fighter V save data on their consoles or Xbox One players in general, but Capcom promises more information is coming up soon. Stay tuned.