Monster Hunter Generations, special edition Nintendo 3DS gets US release date

Almost eight months after its original Japanese release, the latest entry in Capcom's action-RPG series Monster Hunter is coming to the US on the Nintendo 3DS. Titled Monster Hunter Generations, the new game will maintain the series' trademark gameplay of four players teaming up to hunt and defeat massive creatures including dinosaurs and dragons, all while searching for better weapons and armor.Monster Hunter Generations will see release in both the US and Europe on July 15th, alongside a new limited edition 3DS XL from Nintendo. The Monster Hunter-themed handheld system will feature the logo and designs from Generations, with a blue model for the US and red for those in Europe. Each hardware package will include a digital copy of the game.

Released in Japan as Monster Hunter X, Generations is the first game in the series since Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate debuted alongside Nintendo's New 3DS hardware, which introduced a second analog stick and extra shoulder buttons. Generations will of course take advantage of those extra control options, but the game can still be played on older versions of the 3DS.

Capcom has also said that it will release a demo for Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS eShop sometime between now and July 15th, but an exact date wasn't provided.