Monopoly has officially gone off the deep end

There have been a lot of Monopoly variants throughout the years, but this newest one definitely takes the cake. Hasbro has taken to heart all of the complaints about Monopoly being too long and turned them into a new variant for the age-old board game. This new variant is called Monopoly Longest Game Ever, and the weak of heart will definitely want to stay away from it.

In its announcement today, Hasbro confirmed all the measures it's taken to ensure Monopoly games with this variant stretch on for as long as possible. To start, the game has a whopping 66 properties, with three of each location available to buy up. It's gotten rid of one of the dice, leaving you with a single die with which to make your way around the board.

While those two changes would significantly extend the length of a standard Monopoly game on their own, the new win condition ensures that no group of sane people will actually ever finish one of these games. A match of Monopoly Longest Game Ever only ends when one person owns all 66 properties, and there's no bankruptcy because players who would go bankrupt have the ability to rip their money in half and use those halves as payment.

So, if you're a masochist and you're looking for a board game that would challenge the Thirty Years' War in terms of length, this is the Monopoly variant for you. It's pretty clear that this is meant as more of a gag gift for any Monopoly lovers you might know, but of course, there will probably be plenty of people who dig into this and take it very seriously.

Whether you're looking to gift it to someone who loves Monopoly or you actually want to take it for a spin yourself, you can buy it beginning today. Monopoly Longest Game Ever is available exclusively from Amazon for $19.99.