Moment Smartwatch: vaporware that promises you more

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 16, 2014, 9:43pm CDT
Moment Smartwatch: vaporware that promises you more

We’ve all heard the criticisms of smartwatches by now: they’re ugly, or too limited, or don’t offer enough of a reason to invest in one. Whatever your personal criticism of the wearable technology may be, the folks behind the Moment Smartwatch concept aim to squash it. Though only a concept at this point, Momentum Labs’ smartwatch aims to trump competitors’ offerings in many ways.

The Moment Smartwatch is vaporware — a concept through and through, though according to Momentum Labs’ Ray Fischer in a statement to VentureBeat, approximately 80-percent of the research and development for the smartwatch has been wrapped up. The remaining R&D will only happen once actual production begins, which will hinge on successful funding.

That funding will be achieved through a Kickstarter campaign starting June 24th if the company is successful. When it does go on sale — again, assuming it ever comes to fruition — Momentum Labs is looking to sell its futuristic offering for $230 USD.

Unlike current smartwatch options, which feature a square or rectangular face and traditional wristband, the Moment Smartwatch — in theory — will feature a stainless steel wristband adorned with an electrophorectic display spanning its entire surface.

The watch would offer things like a full QWERTY keyboard with a row of numbers, the ability to send preset message responses to certain types of incoming communications, hardware modules called “Snapware” for adding additional functionality to the wearable, and the ability to operate as a remote of sorts for various smart home devices.

For now, Momentum Labs is comprised of five individuals located in Athens, Ohio and Hong Kong, and they’re seeking $300,000 to kick off what will be a production run of at least 500 units. The company is promising big for its endeavors, but as with any concept, reality may end up quite different.

SOURCE: VentureBeat

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