Molson Canadian beer fridge only opens for Canadians

Shane McGlaun - Feb 12, 2014
Molson Canadian beer fridge only opens for Canadians

Just imagine that you are exploring an interesting city in Europe and you think to yourself, a beer would be nice right now. You run across a bright red Molson Canadian beer fridge and get all excited about a cold beer. Then you walk up to the beer fridge and discover the beer is only for Canadians.

Anger would ensue for many and perhaps a bit of violence to said vending machine. That sounds like an unlikely situation, but it is exactly what Molson Canadian is doing. The company has taken fully stocked beer fridges bearing the verbiage, “Canadians scan your passport to open fridge” and placed then in several European cities.

the fridges were placed in Canterbury, White Cliffs of Dover, Northern France, Cassel, London, and Brussels . The marketing project comes from an ad agency called Rethink. Video footage of Canadians gaining access to the fridge was used for a commercial that aired during the Stanley Cup finals.

The footage was recorded in the spring of 2013. You see crowds gather around the fridge trying to get it open and then a Canadian comes up, swipes a passport, and a party ensues. Everyone likes a Canadian, especially when there is free beer to be unlocked.


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