Mojang's Minecraft goes split-screen on Xbox 360

The game Minecraft is many things – it's innovative, it's vast, it's open-ended, it's creative, it's unique, and so on and so on. But one thing that it is not is a great multiplayer game. At least not for people playing on the same screen. Apparently the Xbox 360 version of the smash indie hit is set to change that perception.

Multiple players will be able to team up and build together, whether it's on the same screen or online. And if you are playing together in the same room, there's a very interesting twist that might throw some Minecraft players into a tizzy – it's split-screen. Sure, that might take away from the vast, open nature of the game but the added fun and functionality, Microsoft hopes, will be worth the sacrifice.

Since it has such a cult following, every change to Minecraft is met with people on both sides of the spectrum – those who live it and those who hate it. This will just be another one of those times. Although, while the game has undergone a lot of changes, this is one of the most fundamental and structural changes yet. Nevertheless, change is usually good in the long run. This will likely bring the experience of Minecraft to an entire new set of gamers.

[via kotaku]