Mojang releases new, non-Minecraft game on Steam for free

You most likely know Mojang as the small, Swedish developer behind the mega-popular Minecraft, as well as now being owned Microsoft. However, that doesn't mean Minecraft is the only thing its employees work on. The latest side project, so to speak, has just been announced, and it's already available to play now! It's called Crown and Council, and has been described as a "fast-paced strategy game."

The game uses a 16-bit-era pixellated style, and features gameplay that isn't that different from Civilization or Risk. In Crown and Council, the goal is to conquer the surrounding land, expand your empire, and in turn defeat rival monarchs. Players must earn gold to fund the growth of their armies, make expeditions into adjacent land, and set up defensive and attacking positions.

While the game is fast and simple to play, it's still challenging to win. Making moves like building universities could pay-off in the long-run with improved strategies, but trying to grab up as much land as possible in the early game could also provide an early advantage.

Similar to how Minecraft was the pet project of Markus "Notch" Persson, Crown and Council was created by a single Mojang employee: Henrik Pettersson.

The best part is that the new game is completely free, and is available now on Steam. The required system specs are incredibly modest, and only 300MB of space is needed.

SOURCE Mojang, Steam