Modified Toyota Supra hits 240mph in quarter mile

Drag racing is a sport that people all around the world participate in. The sport has one or two cars line up and then blast off down the track to see who can go the fastest in the quarter mile length of the track. In the drag racing world, a streetcar that can run the quarter mile in the 11-second range is pretty fast. A heavily modified Toyota Supra recently set a drag racing record.

The record-breaking run went down at the Bahrain National Drag Racing Championships and the car grabbed the world import speed record title. The Supra was able to reach a trap speed of 240mph and put down a blazing quarter mile time of 6.05 seconds.

The record setting Supra is certainly heavily modified to be able to reach those speeds, but it is said to have the classic Supra 2JZ straight-six engine. Details on exactly what is done to that engine are unknown, but you can bet the modification involves a gigantic turbocharger or two.

EKanoo Racing built the Supra and the record setting run was caught on video. Check out the video below and see the car move out insanely fast.

SOURCE: Top Gear