Modder Makes His PSP Even Shiner

As if the PlayStation Portable needed any more shine to it (seriously, the thing is impossible to keep glossy), an experienced modder who's previously used his talents on his Xbox and Dreamcast decided to add some blue LEDs to his PSP. Total work time: 30 hours. Total insanity level: really, really high. Apparently, the modification is so ungodly difficult that the modder refuses to make a how-to so that he won't have to go through re-opening and re-soldering half his handheld again. To hear from the mighty modder himself, hit the jump!

Here's a mod I just finished on my PSP. It was damn hard and took 30 hours over three days. I decided to do this mod because this PSP was bought used and the previous owner pulled up the silver ring on the UMD tray. It was included with the PSP but was scratched to hell and bent. I decided soon after I bought it that I would replace it, but it took a year before I decided what to do with it.
That being said, I probably won't make a how-to. Considering the difficulty level of this mod, if you can't figure it out yourself, you'll probably just break your PSP or UMD tray. I used to mod my dreamcast and xbox, and this is by far the hardest thing I've done so far. If I get a lot of requests, I'll describe it and maybe make some graphics, but I doubt I'll take the PSP apart again for fear of having to solder some things again.

Pretty nifty little modification, wouldn't you say? Anyone feel like trying to top it?

[via Gizmodo]