Mod-t wants to be the 3D printer for all, monetize your designs

Nate Swanner - May 28, 2014
Mod-t wants to be the 3D printer for all, monetize your designs

We all like good products at a low price point, which is why things like Chromebooks sell as well as they do. Another product set to invade your home are 3D printers, which are currently experiencing increased interest and desire from consumers. A new printer, currently being crowdfunded, might be the first to actually make sense for your home.

The Mod-t Printer does more than just print cute trinkets for your home, even though that’s the overriding goal. The Mod-t also supports a community where we can share designs and download new ones. The team says they imagined 3D printing being like email, where you could simply forward along designs to friends and family.

Those designs are available via an online community, where we can purchase them for a small fee. That fee is a way the Mod-t team hopes you’ll monetize your 3D printing aspirations. Think of it like an app store for 3D printing; need a new drawer pull for that busted junk drawer in the kitchen? Print one for a buck instead of going to a store or waiting for Amazon to deliver.

The Mod-t isn’t the first low-cost 3D printer, and it’s not the fastest. What it does is straddle a lot of lines, and offers up some utility that makes sense for a myriad of people. What you give up in speed or printing prowess you get back in utility and their marketplace. The lowest price point for the Mod-t is sold out, but you can still snap one up for $199. Just keep in mind that doesn’t cover shipping, so you’ll probably have to relieve yourself of another $50 or so when it ships.

Source: Indiegogo

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