Mod - Brew coffee over the net

I love making things more technologically advanced than they need to be. If I can do something with a computer, or put one inside of something, you can bet your ass I'll do it. Now I almost wish that I drank coffee.

Someone decided that they wanted to have a fresh cup of coffee as soon as they walked in the front door. Unfortunately, since they worked an irregular schedule, that was next to impossible without first making a stop at their local Starbucks. So like any self-respecting geek he hacked his coffee maker.

The coffee maker now hooks up to the internet and when the correct command is sent, it will begin brewing. That would be pretty handy, just a few clicks before you leave work, and you've got a fresh cup of Joe when you walk in the door.

Why Make An Internet Enabled Coffee Machine? Because You Can [via gearfuse]