Mobileye C2-270 camera system helps prevent collisions when driving

A company called Mobileye has announced that its latest product designed to keep drivers from running into pedestrians, other cars, and bikes has launched. The new system is called the Mobileye C2-270 and it uses the EyeQ2 vision chip inside that is able to detect pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, and lane markings. The device is available as an off the shelf system for alerting and prompting drivers in the seconds right before an accident occurs.

The C2-270 system is a camera that is mounted behind the windshield of the car and monitors the road ahead when the car is moving. The camera is connected to a display within the field of view of the driver. If the camera spots something in the vehicles path, the display flashes a bright color-coded icon and sounds a warning.

Ford has a system that is very similar to his on its new Taurus. The intention of the display is to draw the driver's eye back to the road if they are distracted to prevent the accident. Pricing on the system is unknown and the maker says it will be available at retail soon. Check out the videos below to see how the system works.