MobileMe Makeover? To Add Facebook Style Front Page, Mobile Check-Ins, And Video-Streaming?

Information has leaked about Apple's ambitious revamp of MobileMe. The update would give the service geo-tagging, location based check-ins, and video-streaming capabilities. In addition users would have a Facebook style front page with your current location and status updates.

Cult of Mac has a source that says Apple is focusing on streaming media and location-based services. The front page will be updated from your iOS device automatically with your location, status updates, pictures you've taken, and videos you've uploaded. It will also have the apps and music you've purchased and games your playing. It sounds like every modern social networking service combined into one.

"The concept is that you would have your own website that's dynamic, all based on what you're doing at that moment," says the source. "Apple thinks of it as having a webserver in your pocket...everything will be dynamically updated to MobileMe."

The user will have privacy controls to limit just how much information you are putting out there. Friends can be grouped together in iGroups and MobileMe will share information to those in your group and will let you know when you are within close proximity to one another.

With all these cloud computing services possibly being added and built into iOS, it strengthens some of the rumors that Apple could come out with an iPhone with no physical memory and runs on streaming-only. It'll be interesting to see if Apple does take MobileMe in this direction. It might make other location-based services out there a little nervous.

[Via Cult of Mac]