Mobile apps and games on sale to fill your stockings

For some overly excited people, they are just counting down the hours to the festivities. But why waste your time looking back and again at your watch when you can spend it shopping for apps and games instead. And maybe play those games while you're at it. Unsurprisingly, it's the season for sales and promos and you're going to find a lot of them around. To help you get started, here are some of our top picks as well as some publisher lists to get you started. While most are for Android, be on the lookout for magical iOS links as well.

Utilities (Android)

Life isn't all fun and games. Sometimes you've got to get down and dirty with life's tasks. For those moments, these five discounted utilities could help see you through, starting with the Pro key for the new, Nougat-infused Nova Launcher Prime.

Nova Launcher Prime $0.99 ($4.99)

Moon+ Reader Pro $2.49 ($4.99)

Textpand Pro $0.99 ($2.99)

Twomon USB $3.99 ($8.99)

Scientific Calculator Pro $1.99 ($3.99)


Of course, the holidays is also a time for kicking back and chilling out. And what better way to do that than with a heavily discounted game.

• Arma Tactics $0.99 ($4.02) (Android, iOS)

• King of Dragon Pass $4.99 ($9.99) (Android, iOS)

• Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies $1.99 ($6.99) (Android, iOS)

• Sentinels of the Multiverse $2.99 ($6.99) (Android, iOS)

• LEGO Marvel Super Heroes $0.99 ($4.99) (Android)

• Ravensword: Shadowlands $3.49 ($6.99) (Android)

• EXILE $3.49 ($6.99) (Android)

• Goat Simulator GoatZ $0.99 ($4.99) (Android, iOS)

• Bloons TD 5 $0.99 ($2.99) (Android)

• The Walking Dead: Michonne $1.99 ($4.99) (Android)

• Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n $0.99 ($2.99) (Android, iOS)

• XCOM: Enemy Within $2.99 ($4.99) (Android, iOS)

• Civilization Revolution 2 $2.99 ($9.99) (Android, iOS)

• Evoland $1.99 ($4.99) (Android)

• Reigns $0.99 ($2.99) (Android, iOS)

• Don't Starve: Pocket Edition $0.99 ($4.99) (iOS)

Square Enix

Some game developers and publishers go all out during this season. Not that we're complaining. Especially not when Square Enix put its entire Final Fantasy mobile games on sale, and then some!

• FINAL FANTASY $3.99($7.99)(Android, iOS)

• FINAL FANTASY II $3.99 ($7.99)(Android, iOS)

• FINAL FANTASY III $6.99 ($15.99)(Android) / $6.99 ($14.99)(iPhone) / $7.99 ($16.99)(iPad)

• FINAL FANTASY IV $6.99 ($15.99) (Android) / $6.99 ($14.99)(iOS)

• FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS $7.99 ($15.99) (Android, iOS)

• FINAL FANTASY V $7.99 ($15.99) (Android, iOS)

• FINAL FANTASY VI $7.99 ($15.99) (Android, iOS)

• FINAL FANTASY VII $12.99 ($15.99) (Android, iOS)

• FINAL FANTASY IX $16.99 ($20.99) (Android, iOS)


• FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS $6.99 ($13.99) (Android, iOS)

• Adventures of Mana $6.99 ($13.99)(Android, iOS)

• CHAOS RINGS III $9.99 ($19.99) (Android, iOS)

• CHRONO TRIGGER $4.99 ($9.99)(Android, iOS)

• Romancing SaGa $14.99 ($17.99)(Android, iOS)

• Secret of Mana $3.99 ($8.99)(Android) / $3.99 ($7.99)(iOS)


Not to be outdone, NVIDIA is also holding some of the games under its care on sale. While some are available for all Android users, there are some NVIDIA SHIELD exclusives as well. And going beyond mobile gaming, NVIDIA has some of its PC game streaming titles via GeForce NOW on a discount too!

Ultimate Chicken Horse

PIX the Cat


Stealth, Inc.

Arma Tactics

Charge Shot



Doom 3 BF


Dustoff Heli Rescue


Fruit Ninja

Groundskeeper 2


Gunslugs 2

Heroes of Loot

Heroes of Loot 2

Hotlap Heroes

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Lost Echo

Olli Olli 2

Party Hard

Riptide GP Renegade

Legend of the Skyfish

Skygamblers Storm Raiders

Space Grunts

GeForce NOW

• The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GoTY

• Grim Fandango Remastered

• Sacred 3

• Stories: The Path of Destinies

• Dead Island Definitive Edition

• Deadlight Director's Cut

• Dead Island Riptide

• Day of the Tentacle Rematered

• F1 2015

• Massive Chalice

• Homefront the Revolution

• METRO 2033 Redux

• METRO Laet Light Redux

• Risen 3

• Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell