MLG Vault case makes your Xbox 360 look evil

If you are like me you may appreciate a cool case mod for a computer or game console, but lack the artistic skill and vision needed to roll your own mod. In that instance there is a new case for the Xbox 360 called the MLG Vault case that looks like a custom casemod, but is a readymade case that just wraps around your game console.

One side of the MLG Vault is a bronze looking mask that has eyes that glow in different colors. On the other side of the case is what appears to be Donald Duck's mouth. That Donald snout is designed to hold your headphones when you aren't wearing them.

The catch to this case is that it will only fit the new slim black version, if you are rocking the original Xbox 360 design you are out of luck. The case will also support custom name badges and is supposed to leave the ventilation on the case unaffected to prevent overheating.

Via Technabob