MLB approves Whoop strap wearable for athletes

Whoop has announced that Major League Baseball (MLB) has approved its Whoop Strap wearable for continuous use by athletes. This is said to be a first for the MLB, and gives athletes an option to wear during their games. Using the wearable will give both players and coaches insight into the players' status, such as monitoring how strained the player is at certain points during the game.

According to Whoop, its wearable is designed specifically for athletes, something that, it says, is 'engineered to unlock human performance.' The wearable and related mobile software will provide athletes with personalized recovery information, including how much sleep is necessary to recover from the day's activities. The software also shows a calculation of the athlete's strain level.

Last year, the MLB struck a deal with Whoop to conduct what the company calls the largest performance study to ever take place in pro sports. In its latest announcement, Whoop states the MLB is now letting its athletes wear the Strap continuously during games.

Whoop gives one usage example of how the Strap can be utilized, saying that managers can use the Day Strain feature to help determine when it is time to pull a pitcher, using it as a more accurate way to judge the pitcher's performance level rather than counting total numbers of pitches. Those interested can get the Whoop Strap from the company's website for $500 USD.