Mitsubishi DVR-BZ100 and DVR-BZ200 Blu-Ray Recorders unveiled – feature packed

James Allan Brady - Mar 24, 2008, 11:11am CDT

Sure, they play and record on Blu-Ray discs, and that’s cool, but that’s nothing compared to the touch-screen remotes that they come with. Both units also have internal hard drives built in.

The BZ100 has a 250GB HDD with the BZ200 doubling that. The HDD combined with the Blu-Ray recording capability mean these things can simultaneously record two digital broadcast programs in HD.

They support MPEG-4 video compression, have Digital and Analog TV tuners, HDMI, and TiVo-like support (I presume this means a similar EPG) and they also come with a standard remote alongside the programmable touch-screen one. They go on sale in Japan in May, hopefully they make it to the US at the same time or shortly thereafter.

[via Gadgetell]

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