Mitsubishi's upscaling technology converts 1080p into 4K by 2K resolution

Full High-Def resolution apparently isn't enough for some companies – Mitsubishi has devised an upconverting technology that takes your everyday 1080p content, runs an upscaling algorithm over it, and outputs it in all its 4K by 2K glory.

The downside?  It, for some unknown reason, isn't yet compatible with Blu-ray content.  Guessing the 1.4 HDMI support is somehow supposed to alleviate that?

1080p is just a number at the end, and we'll most likely surpass it in the future in a feasible way.  But for now, it's nice to see this sort of next-gen development going on, perhaps even leading to the next breakthrough in video.

[Akihabara News via Engadget]