MiTAC Valar, Ulmo, and Zeus tablets head for CeBIT 2011 launch

CES was packed with Android tablet unveilings and CeBIT 2011 is building up to be more of the same. The show is still a few weeks away, but there are companies already unveiling their offerings that will be detailed at the show.

MiTAC has unveiled four tablets that will run Android and break cover next month. The tablets include the 7-inch Valar 7 and 10-inch Valar 10. These tablets are both said to run Android 2.3, support 1080p video, and have HDMI output along with GPS. The Ulmo is a 7-inch screen tablet that is rugged and has a waterproof body.

The other tablet is called the Zeus and is said to be the first dual GPS receiver tablet. The dual receivers aim to give the tablet enhanced features for navigation. The Zeus tablet has a 6-inch screen and is 11.6mm thick.

Via Android Community