Mio Moov - Mio's Latest Advancement Of The Navigational Market

Mio makes some pretty amazing navigation products but the Mio Moov devices have so much new going for them. First off they have the first all Mio developed UI and nav software installed.

Then they are targeted at general customers as well as the tech geeks that are looking for a navigation solution. The Moov 300 and 310 both have a 4.3-inch screen, text to speech, and over 3.5 million POI's.

The Moov 200 and 210 have 3.5-inch screens, text to speech, and over 3.5 POI's. the Moov 310 and 210 have TMC built in to navigate you around bad traffic and they both come with one year of service from ClearChannel's network affiliates. All of these Moov devices have the SiRFInstantFixII GPS receivers inside which offers some of the fastest signal locks around, meaning you can start getting directions as soon as you are ready to drive instead of having to drive around until you get a signal. They'll all be dropping on April 1st, that's the 200, 210, 300, and 310 all priced respectively at $179.95, $199.95, $229.95, and $249.95.

[via Mio]