Mio drops Moov M300 and M400 PNDs

Every time I see a new PND unveiled I wonder how long it will be before the smartphone does to the PND what it did to the PDA by making PDAs obsolete. I suspect that eventually the smartphone will kill off the PND since most smartphones today handle navigation with aplomb. PNDs are still popular right now though, and Mio has announced two new navigation devices on the cheap called the Moov M300 and M400.

The M400 has a 4.3-inch widescreen display and the M300 has a 3.5-inch display. Both devices have the same rubberized, non-skid bezel for easy handling and touchscreens with reduced glare. Mio ships both units with maps of all 50 states and Puerto Rico preloaded.

Both of the devices have a glut of features that you expect in a PND today including text-to-speech with spoken street names, Lane Guidance, predicative keyword search, 4 million POIs, and NavPix Photo Navigation. What you don't expect from many PNDs today is a low price. The M300 sells for $119.99, and the M400 sells for $149.99. Both of the devices are set to ship this month across the nation.