Mint Tin RPG

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a headline explaining a device that is a mint tin with one game only installed in it? Don't forget to mention the fact that said self-contained RPG has only three things protruding from the tin, a DB9 connector, a switch, and a video jack?

So if you have a TV (most people do) and a Sega Genesis controller (most people don't) you are set to begin playing some sort of RPG entitled Dungeons of Doom. Want to know what the best part is?

You can make it yourself. The cost is surprisingly cheap too, at a total cost of $21.50 for everything including the controller. Oh, and the guy already had the DB9 connector and video jack, so if you don't have any spares of those lying around it might cost a little more, but I am sure not much.

RPG In A Cinnamons Box, Plug A Sega Genesis Controller And Play On A TV [via Play Gadgets]