Minority Report-like interface found at CeBIT - a.k.a. "how to make a mediocre movie still relevant"

This interface is cool, I'll give it that. You can't really tell much, so you'll have to watch the video, but they way they can just move, resize, remove, and bring up new objects is pretty amazing, and the fact that it all works and displays on a transparent surface is even more awesome.

Sadly there aren't any more details, I was able to find that it was at the T-Online booth supposedly, but that's it. For those not in the know, like myself until about 30 seconds ago, T-Online is the German name for T-Mobile.

So, it looks cool, it works kind of like Minority Report, but far less organized and their seemed to be more touching going on as well, but we all know Tom Cruise could whip it into shape like he did Katie Holmes. Now, if we could just advance past the Minority Report stages into something more useful and relevant, that'd be great.

[via freshcreation]