MiniQuarium Offers Diversion From Computer After Long Hours

Did you know that health experts suggest a diversion after long use of the computer? This would certainly apply to me! MiniQuarium is a product (company that produces them is unknown) that is being sold on

The MiniQuarium attaches via USB to your computer, but it can also be powered with four AA batteries at once, so that you can roam around with it. A light is also emitted, so it can be used at night too.

"Relax and watch the aliens fly around in the aquarium," DrGadget's site says. Well, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't get too relaxed if I saw aliens flying around me. Other claims include "tranquil" sleeping, and that it is a "great night light". It sells for 9.99 Pounds in the UK.

USB MiniQuarium – Alien Invasion [Via: DrGadget]