Miniot is a Smartcover for your iPad 2 made from real wood

One of the coolest accessories for the new iPad 2 is the Smartcover for the device that can be a protective cover for your screen and can fold back to become a stand for the iPad as well. The official smartcover is crammed full of magnets too that allow it to turn the screen off when closed and more.

That Smartcover is certainly cool, but it's not as stylish as some iPad 2 toting geeks want. Enter Miniot with its new Miniot Cover for iPad 2. Like most of the gear that the company offers this cover is made from real hard wood. The case has no sharp edges and is made from some little sections of wood that fit together nicely and it doesn't over hang the iPad at all.

It doesn't fold into a triangle like the official cover, but it has the magnets inside to allow it to keep itself in a little roll. That roll props the iPad in several positions and looks damn good doing it. I would totally want one of these if I were buying an iPad 2. Orders start today and it will cost you 50 euro. Check out the video below to see the thing in action.