Miniature Cube Speaker measures 45mm, works without battery

This miniature cube speaker doesn't sing like your Bose audio loudspeakers; but it can operate without battery, eliminates bulky wires and small enough to fit in the palm of you hand, a perfect audio speaker devices on the go.

Made by a Japanese company, Bird Electronics, the cube speaker measures in at 45mm at each side. It has a built-in iPod slot, makes compatible with most iPod models, and a 35mm mini audio plug to use with multimedia audio devices with headphone output, or your cell phone. A simple plug and play compact speaker without the need of extra wire.

This passive-type speaker doesn't need battery, thus recharging is not required. It draws power directly from the plugged-in iPod when needed. Available in Red, white and Black, this compact speaker only sold in Japan for $33 a cube.