Mini vending machine frige

Anyone that knows me very well knows that you'll find a Mountain Dew, or some other caffeinated drink somewhere nearby. Some people are addicted to crack, I'm addicted to caffeine. Personally, I think I picked the better of the two.

Nothing says style like a mini fridge sitting next to your desk, but at least it gets the job done. This new 12 Can Vending Machine looks far better than my plain old white fridge. Just fill it up, press the button, and out comes your favorite drink.

It goes for $159, which is a little more than you'd pay for a plain mini fridge, and only holds about half as many cans as one. But you have to admit, it looks pretty cool. If you don't feel like buying one, you could always make one yourself.

Your Own Vending Machine Fridge [via coolestgadgets]