Mini-SAS gets added to Sans Digital TowerRAID Series

Brenda Barron - May 13, 2009
Mini-SAS gets added to Sans Digital TowerRAID Series

Sans Digital announced an update to their TowerRAID series today, which includes new mini-SAS interfaces. These updates are available on the TowerRAID TR4X/TR4X-B and TR8X/TR8X-B models and improve efficiency all around.

The new mini-SAS ports work by putting four hard drive connections together. This makes data transfers smoother and reduces the chances of failure. This tech is actually intended for high demand needs like Fibre Channel connectivity and video editing.


These models support SAS, SATA or 3Gbps hard drives and more. The TR4X features one mini-SAS connection that can handle 400MB/s with the four-bay tower. The TR8X, on the other hand, has two mini-SAS connections and is an eight-bay tower, allowing for speeds up to 750MB/s. You can get the updated TR4X and TR8X now for starting prices of $325 and $545, respectively. Black and silver color options are available.

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