Mini Motorcycle Turned Into Computer Case

Evan Selleck - Aug 3, 2010
Mini Motorcycle Turned Into Computer Case

When it comes to casemods, we’ve seen plenty. And while most of them are pretty awesome in their own right, it’s tough to say that we’ve seen any really unique ones. Today marks a day when we can officially cross that little dream off of our list of dreams. Because, as you can see from the image below, that looks exactly like a motorcycle that should have been destined for something like a real-world TRON, but it’s really an amazing computer case.

What makes it better, though, is the fact that this computer case was, in fact, a real, functioning mini motorcycle. And, while it used to be able to go 70 mph, now it’s able to reach new high speeds, all in a different way. Tucked away inside this glowing piece of tech is an Intel Core i7 920 CPU planted on an ASUS PST motherboard. Other hardware includes an EVGA 9800 GTX+ graphics card, 3GB of DDR3-1333 RAM, and 1TB of storage. So after it attracts your eye with all of those beautiful colors, you’ll be happy to actually use it, too, as it will let you race around the Internet and your computer, just like it used to on the streets.

[via Technabob]

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