Mini HDMI connector prototype revealed

We've all heard of mini USB, but it looks like there might be another miniature version of a standard plug on the way. It's called Mini HDMI and this prototype might just be included with portable devices in the near future.

The standard HDMI plug is called Type A. It measures in at 0.55-inches by 0.16-inches. But the mini version, called Type D, measures in at 0.25-inches by 0.1-inches. That is significantly smaller, without sacrificing anything, i.e. it still has 19 pins.

Type D is actually smaller than mini USB, so it could theoretically be used in cellphones and other small devices. The mini HDMI port might be used the next time HDMI is revised, which is set for the fall, at the latest. Of course, this isn't confirmed, but it seems very likely.