Mini-golf course inspired by Minecraft, Portal, et al

If you happen to be a nerd who also likes miniature golf, then online personality Tom Scott has created something you would probably think is cooler than Disney World. He, along with a bunch of hackers who had nothing better to do, created a 12-hole miniature golf course with designs that were inspired by some of the greatest video games of today. And it will actually be playable to the public.

For a very limited time, that is. Scott and his friends will be presenting the course at a local festival called the Derby Maker Faire for one day only. "but after that, they'll be scavenged for parts and lost forever. However: if you've got a space big enough to hold them, and a bit of a budget to get us there, we'd love to tour with them," Scott wrote. This was part of his celebration of his 10,000th day on the planet. If you've never heard of Tom Scott, that's the kind of stuff he does.

So you may be wondering exactly how a miniature golf hole can have any resemblance to a video game. To answer that question, all you need to do is watch the video below. Some of them are pretty sweet. And keep in mind this was all done without a lot of lead time. And yeah, this isn't your grandparents' mini-golf. There are holes with high-powered suction tubes, and even one that has users interacting with a Wii nunchuck controller after they putt the ball. Just check it out: