Minecraft PS VR is finally happening this month

When Microsoft acquired Minecraft creators Mojang, some might have presumed the company would be restricting the highly popular game to its own platform and other "friendly" platforms. Few probably predicted that Microsoft would actually expand Minecraft's reach not just to other platforms, including its PlayStation rival, but would also take the open-world sandbox games to places and use cases its original creators probably never imagined. That said, one platform remains absent from Minecraft's list but that will finally change this month when Minecraft lands on PlayStation VR.

Given Minecraft's first-person perspective, it almost seems like a perfect fit for a VR experience. Of course, you'll probably get even more physically tired trying to break virtual bricks with your real arms but that hasn't stopped Minecraft's PS fans from requesting the feature for ages.

Sony said that PS VR support has always been planned long ago. Well, as long as Sony approved cross-play for the regular PS4 version. They don't blame the pandemic for the delay either, as Minecraft has long had VR support on other VR platforms. Whatever the reason was for the delay, the wait will soon be over.

Minecraft's PS VR support will come via a regular update for the main Minecraft game and PlayStation players don't need to do anything other than download that patch. The pre-announcement didn't detail the difference between Immersive and Living Room modes but those worried about sore arms need not be. You still have to use a DualShock 4 controller, anyway, but everything else will be in glorious VR.

Minecraft has definitely grown by leaps and bounds ever since it first launched as a humble yet immediately popular Java game almost a decade ago. It even has its own annual gathering, of course, one that is scheduled to take place virtually next month. Maybe it will even be viewable from within Minecraft.