Minecraft Pocket, Windows 10 editions are getting "The Boss" update

Minecraft is probably most known for all the creative and insane things players build in the blocky virtual world. But Minecraft also has a darker side to it: Survival Mode, where not everything is friendly and your equally blocky virtual existence is in danger every time the square sun goes down or when you venture into dark, ominous corners. Playing on that mode, Mojang, now part of Microsoft, is adding a few new features to Minecraft's mobile and Windows 10 versions, including bosses and, of course, boss fights that make Minecraft more than just a crafting game.

Truth be told, Minecraft has had boss for years now, but the game's Survival Mode is probably the least advertised aspect of the game. Probably because it felt less epic compared to the virtual monuments erected by human ingenuity and boredom. Well, things are about to get epic for players of their smartphones or Windows 10 devices.

Mojang is rolling out new Ocean Monuments that invite you to dive into the watery depths for new underwater adventures. But beware the Elder Guardian, the giant eye-ball that lurks in the shadows. In other places, there's also the three-headed The Wither to ruin your day. Facing these bosses, and surviving to tell the tale, will of course come with rewards, like the ultra rare nether start that can be used for crafting beacons that light all the way up to the sky.

Those less adventurous will still have access to the new blocks in Creative mode, sans the bosses. These include beacons, sea lanterns, prismarine, and sponges.

The Boss Update is also epic in other features, like the long-awaited Slash Commands that lets players modify and control the game without going through the menu. An initial set of 20 slash commands will be provided, with a promise of more to come.

Although slowly and probably never completely, Mojang is bringing its Pocket and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft up to par with the older Java-based version, as well as console editions. The Boss update will be made available for free around fall on Android and iOS, Gear VR, and Windows 10.

SOURCE: Mojang