Minecraft Java Edition update adds friendly bees, hives, and honey

Mojang has released Minecraft: Java Edition update 19W34A, bringing a new type of 'bug' to the game: bees. These bees are 'cute, fuzzy, neutral mobs,' according to the company, which warns that players should avoid hurting the critters because, though they're not interested in attacking, they do have stingers. This edition of the game has also received beehives and more.Minecraft: Java Edition 19W34A brings square flying bees, bee nests and beehives, honeycombs, plus 'some' dispenser functionality. Don't attack the bees because you'll ultimately just kill them — Mojang says the stinger will stick in the player's character and the bee will slowly die. You won't get anything from the bee as a result of its death.

The bees will be found hanging around flowers where they are busy gathering pollen, after which point they turn around and go back to their nests. The bees are part of the game's process for growing crops, offering that benefit to players — but, of course, only when they're alive.

Players in Survival Mode are able to breed bees using flowers; existing bees help new bees find flowers for pollen. Lost bees will eventually take up residence in a new nest if it isn't able to find its home nest, according to the update's changelog. As well, bees go to sleep at night and they hide from the rain.

In addition to bees, players will find hives and nests, an empty glass bottle called Honey Bottle that can be used for gathering honey, and honeycomb, which can be used to craft wood planks into a beehive. As well, dispensers can now be used for getting honeycombs from nests/hives and filling honey bottles.