Minecraft gets Hunger Games-style Battle mode

Minecraft started out as such a simple game. You'd spawn into a world, and you'd need to find resources to build a shelter to ride out the night in. Then you'd work on building bigger and better structures until you got tired of it. These days, there's more to do than any of us could have imagined back when the game was originally released in alpha, back in 2010.

We've seen a lot of things get added to Minecraft over the last six years, but most of them are considered PvE components. If you're not familiar with the term, PvE stands for Player vs. Environment. This means that you're playing against the game, but not against any live opponents. Well the next big update is going to bring some PvP action to the game.

The new update is called Battle, and it will pit you in a free-for-all battle against a number of other players. When you spawn, everyone will be invulnerable for a set period of time. You'll use this opportunity to gather resources from chests that are spawned in the area with you. Once the timer is up, you'll be pitted against up to 7 other players. The loot inside of the chests are randomized, so you'll have to hope that you get something good. They'll continue to restock with more random loot as the game goes on.

The free Battle update is coming to the console versions of the game a little later this year. It will come with three maps to start off. You'll be able to purchase additional maps for $2.99. Don't expect to be crafting any fortifications while you're playing on these maps, either. For Battle mode, they've taken out all of the crafting elements of the game.

VIA: Polygon